Ghost Mountain Records

Zack Kardon - Untitled (Tour Tape) GMR-035


Tapes for Zack Kardon's summer 2024 east coast tour.

1st run on normal-bias purple cassette, hand duplicated in real time and hand numbered (/50) with tracks yet to be released on streaming. Digital download code included.

All digital download codes shipped within the US will be printed on Wildflower Seed Paper. All instructions here:

Track List
1. Cold Nights
2. Bad News
3. Each Word I Speak
4. Passenger Side
5. Heart Pounds
6. King of the Honest Try
7. Meaning to the Meaningless

*image is a digital mock up, actual cassette may vary

Pressing Information

1st Run
Purple Cassette /50

Cassette duplicated at Ghost Mountain Records, WA