Ghost Mountain Records

New Release: Zack Kardon - Untitled Tour Tape 31 May 2024

Starting today, you can grab some early copies of Zack Kardon's untitled tour tape, for his upcoming east coast tour this summer!

Zack has played in groups such as Indigo De Souza, Midnight Snack, and the Dead Tongues. Solo, he was FKA Southern Pine and toured the US and Argentina. This first release under his name will be a collection of songs that have been recorded at various points in time in Asheville, NC, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires, Argentina and released as a special tape for his upcoming tour.

The limited cassette run (/50) comes on normal bias purple tape, hand duplicated in real time at Ghost Mountain Records in Seattle, WA. Included is a digital download code, which for US and Canada based shipping, is on wildflower seed paper by Botanical Paperworks.

Majority of the tapes will be available at shows during the upcoming tour later this summer, but we have a small batch available online today! If you are not on the east coast, or want to give it any early listen, grab it while you can.

Follow Zack to find out more about his soon to be announced upcoming tour with Lizzy Dutton and Weeper this summer. Save on shipping and pick up your copy at one of those shows!

*image is a digital mock, actual cassette may vary