Ghost Mountain Records

Nesey Gallons - eyes & eyes & eyes ago Anniversary Tape GMR-034


15-year Birthday release!

1st run of 15th Birthday addition on normal-bias "pumpkin" orange cassette, professionally dubbed at Hand number on tape (/100). Includes alternative 15th Birthday artwork, foldout J-card with photos, and outer O-card. Also includes digital download code for 15th Anniversary version of album.

All digital download codes shipped within the US will be printed on Wildflower Seed Paper. All instructions here:

Track List
1. sweet sweet friend
2. who
3. echo
4. abigail
5. william's revolver
6. nicholas my dear
7. forest lit dinners
8. mornings as a mouse
9. jupiter and i
10. wooden whispers
11. there won't be any crows
12. so long
13. my lighthouse
14. aurora borealis

Deluxe digital album can be purchased directly at

Pressing Information

1st run
"Pumpkin" Orange tape /100

Cassette duplicated at Duplication CA in Toronto, ON