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Nesey Gallons - when i was an ice skater GMR-024

Celebrating the 11th anniversary!

1st pressing on double black vinyl, pressed at Gotta Groove Records. Comes housed in a gatefold jacket, with an 8 page art and lyric book and 11th Anniversary digital download code.

Wax Mage Variant released on hand poured "spring snow" green and "moon jelly" purple. VERY limited (out of 10). Housed in the same gatefold as the standard black release, with all the same inserts.

All digital download codes shipped within the US will be printed on Wildflower Seed Paper. All instructions here:

For domestic orders, vinyl is shipped in 2nd use vinyl mailers. Mailers are inspected before use. We encourage to reuse the mailer or, if they take it, donate to your local record store. All international vinyl orders are shipped in new whiplash mailers.

Track List
1. when i was an ice skater
2. i remember eyes
3. oh my love
4. rollercoaster beach
5. outer space
6. my swan
7. telescope's last glances
8. aurelia
9. i believe in love
10. old friend
11. daguerreotype
12. interplanetary navigation
13. st petersburg

1. when i was an ice skater (11th birthday edition)
2. i remember eyes (11th birthday edition)
3. oh my love (11th birthday edition)
4. rollercoaster beach (11th birthday edition)
5. outer space (11th birthday edition)
6. my swan (11th birthday edition)
7. telescope's last glances (11th birthday edition)
8. aurelia (11th birthday edition)
9. i believe in love (11th birthday edition)
10. old friend (11th birthday edition)
11. daguerreotype (11th birthday edition)
12. interplanetary navigation (11th birthday edition)
13. st petersburg (11th birthday edition)
14. january phase (boston, 1999)
15. tornado warning (boston, 1999)
16. extinct anniversaries (boston, 1999)
17. becoming the unicorn (boston, 1999)
18. the 20th century (spring 2002)
19. somewhere we both walk (april 2003)
20. clint (swan phase)
21. moira's old room (swan phase)
22. starlings (swan phase)
23. merry christmas everybody! (swan phase)
24. grushenka's onion story (swan phase)
25. universe room (swan phase)
26. podgy puddles (swan phase)
27. o tannenbaum (swan phase)
28. summer '05 (swan phase)
29. sleeping swan (bennington, summer 06)
30. old friend (bennington demo, summer 06)
31. hang a bell by my door (demos)
32. my swan in the falling snow (demos)
33. telescope's last glances (reese street, 2009)
34. i believe in love (various)
35. aurelia with will cullen hart 1,2,3
36. Elephant Six Is Coming Back! (summer 2008)

**first image is a digital mock up, actual album and vinyl may look different, wax mage are actual pictures

Pressing Information

1st Run:
Test Pressing Vinyl /10
Wax Mage "Spring Snow" green and "Moon Jelly" purple nebula hand poured Vinyl /10
Black 2xLP Vinyl /300

Vinyl pressed at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, OH